We create a small camera club in the office where every month an outsider sets a theme for our photo challenge. The selected theme for July was “from the waist down”. This seemed a good opportunity to play a bit with the theme. So I made a mental photograph and tried to make the setup according to the equipment I have available. It was fun, even in my 30m2 apartment. The setup was not complex, one digital slr with a 100mm f2.8 Macro, tlr (Minolta Autocord), white bed sheets, single flash with remote triggers, some black paper and a wireless shutter.

I had the digital slr on a tripod focusing down on the waist level viewfinder glass of the tlr which wasfocusing on my toes. Since the tlr viewfinder was dark I used a flash, 1/2 and 35mm (if I remember correctly). Since I wanted to have viewfinder brighter that everything else and avoid reflections on the camera I used some black paper. At last since I was my own model the wireless shutter was very useful. The fact that I always had to get up, check the photo, correct settings and go back under the sheets to continue was a bit annoying. Still in the end I am mostly happy because mostly was the mental photograph I took on the first place, and in this case that was the most important because the photograph is not that good.