Behold the “Tao of Programming“. This is a nice one for people who work in software development.

“The Tao gave birth to machine language. Machine language gave birth to the assembler.
The assembler gave birth to the compiler. Now there are ten thousand languages.
Each language has its purpose, however humble. Each language expresses the Yin and Yang of software. Each language has its place within the Tao.
But do not program in COBOL if you can avoid it.

The Tao of Programming, by Geoffrey James

Broken Social Scene live

Last Monday, 26/05, I went to the concert of Broken Social Scene in Tavastia. Broken Social Scene is the kind of music I really like so I was very excited before the concert! This was the last concert of the tour titled “Impregnate the Skies” which lasted three weeks featuring seven members of the band, Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff, Charles Spearin, Sam Goldberg, Amy Millan, and Evan Cranley. In the stage you could see smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses, feel their joy playing the tunes, and I think that happiness was successfully transmitted to the crowd. Amazing concert. Here, the opening song, “7/4 Shoreline”,

Check the photoset of the concert, by a-c.

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