For Emma, Forever Ago

Tapes'n Tapes

Originally self-released under “Ibid Records” and later by XL Recordings, “The Loon” somehow sounds like a genuine indie-rock album. Having Pavement as main influence, this band from Minnesota has good vocals, Josh Grier, and nice tunes keeping the album solid all along the way.

Track listing:

  1. “Just Drums”
  2. “The Illiad”
  3. “Insistor”
  4. “Crazy Eights”
  5. “In Houston”
  6. “Manitoba”
  7. “Cowbell”
  8. “10 Gallon Ascots”
  9. “Omaha”
  10. “Buckle”
  11. “Jakov’s Suite”

Year: 2005
Label: Ibid Records, XL Recordings
My track selection: “Insistor”, “Cowbell” and “Buckle”.

The videos from the two singles, “Insistor” and “Cowbell”:

Tapes’n Tapes [official]
Tapes’n Tapes – “The Loon” [wikipedia]